Pressrelease: Starter kit for HiCO.SH7760 and Linux 2.6


Suitable for rapid prototyping, PC/104 stacks and large batches alike:

Single board computer now also available with Linux for the first time

The rules and regulations in certain industrial sectors are stricter than in others. One frequently quoted case in point is medical engineering. Here, the use of single board computers is often confounded by those operating systems where every source code line needs to be documented and be traceable. The Linux open source operating system is virtually the ideal application to meet such requirements. Single board computers with Linux operating systems therefore open up an entirely new range of applications. As specialists for embedded modules, emtrion is now also offering Linux support for its single board computer with a Renesas SuperH SH4-7760 processor that was first presented in 2004. In addition to the Windows CE 5.0 and QNX 6.3 operating systems, Linux version 2.6.15 is now provided with the Qtopia graphical user interface from Trolltech ( This means that the board support package for the HiCO.SH7760 is now available for all three operating systems. The single board computer is achieved on the 90 x 72 mm² core module. An interface for USB, Ethernet and CAN as well as several COM ports is also provided here. The LCD-VGA graphics are on-board, as is a flash memory with up to 32 MB and SDRAM with up to 64 MB. The processor’s power consumption is so low that there is no need for any active cooling. With the help of the right baseboard, the mini computer can easily be expanded to a PC/104 system without any difficulty. Using the specified HiCO.nect interface, the board can be utilised both for rapid prototyping in the PC/104 stack and for producing medium-sized batches. Where larger batches are required, it can be integrated into a company’s own systems. A starter kit, complete with development environment and tools, helps to make working with the single board computer easier from the outset. Depending on a customer’s specific needs, it can be supplied in any of three different versions. The Professional starter kit also comes with a one-day workshop and 90-day e-mail hotline support.